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WOW! What a whirlwind November has been! I can’t remember the last time so much happened in just 2 short weeks. So much so that we may have overlooked a couple of events. Let’s break things down real quick into a short little digest to catch you up on what we’ve been up to.

The news of our Brawlhalla players attending BCX in Atlanta just dropped, they did an amazing job out there flying the Reason flag and you should definitely shoot on over and give that a read.

However, more happened in late October/early November that has slipped past without its proper recognition.

Kicking off at the start of the month we had the ESL UK EPS Grand Finals where we sent two teams, a Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team, and an Overwatch team. The event was held on stage at MCM ComicCon London, a huge gathering of gamers, comic-bookers and film fanatics, as well a whole host of other categories of people.


Our CSGO team took to the stage on the 28th of October for an epic best of seven against our former team who joined MnM Gaming for the event. Things started off badly with some very one sided matches going the way of MnM. As they took a 2-0 lead in maps it looked like the day could be over before it even got started but after a short break before game 3, we came back refreshed and ready to deal some blows back. After 2 more maps be brought the series to an even 2-2. Sadly our streak came to an end there as MnM picked up the next 2 maps and closed out the series 4-2.

Then came our Overwatch team on Sunday.

All that stood between them and being crowned the first ever ESL UK Overwatch champions was one best-of-5 against, surprisingly enough, MnM Gaming again. Heading into game 1 full of confidence and looking to deliver a much-needed equaliser in grand final wins, but MnM had one too many tricks up their sleeve, and we dropped the first map to a solid defense. That one map loss was all it took though to light a fire under our boys, and they unleashed their full potential. They ruthlessly took map after map off MnM and won the series 3-1.

We are super proud of what both teams achieved over that exhausting weekend!

While all this was going on, our female CSGO team was fighting through the ESWC tournament in Paris. We have a separate article dedicated to that so make sure to give it a read.

Leap forward a week, and we’re in France again, this time with our French Shootmania team. They qualified for the Shootmania World Championship. Their pitch for joining Reason when we first started talking was “We want to join and get you the win at the World Champship”. Not wanting to go back on their word, they did just that. Without fail they stormed through the groups and knockout stages. At some points, they had some very close games, but cool heads and focus saw them through to the grand finals where they claimed first place.

Phew, there you have it, you’re all up to date. Hopefully we didn’t miss anything else! The year isn’t over yet either, still more events and news to come!