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The weekend of November 11th and 12th, 2016, was a very busy one for our Brawlhalla players as they took to Atlanta, GA for the Brawlhalla World Championship (BCX 2016). Reason Gaming players Ephi, Addymestic, Lanz, and Wrayne all competed in their own individual groups in order to make it to the bracket stage that would be held throughout the 12th of November.

Lanz 2-0’d his way through everyone in Group B2.
Wrayne took 2nd in his group, Group D2, only falling to Eramm in group finals.
Addymestic also took 1st in Group B1, taking out 1st seed [SKY] Remmy.
Ephi took 1st place in his group, Group A2, even after facing against one of the games’ top talents in Eggsoup.
Even manager/coach Marshall.D.Haki got 2nd in his group, Group D3.

With these results, Lanz, Addymestic, and Ephi were placed in the upper bracket of the quarterfinals, while Wrayne and Marshall were placed in the lower bracket. And as cruel fate would have it, Marshall was placed against Eggsoup, who would power his way through the lower bracket, while Wrayne was placed against Wrenchd who followed Eggsoup in similar fashion. Both Wrayne and Marshall were knocked out of BCX in the first round of the lower bracket.

In the upper bracket, Lanz would drop his first game against Pugsyxd, Addymestic would drop his first game against Maltimum, while Ephi would win his first game against Eramm. Lanz and Addymestic would drop to the lower bracket, while Ephi would move on to face [SKY] LDZ. Lanz played Skibuster in his lower bracket match, taking the 2-0 and moving on to face King | noeL, who he’d fall 2-1 to, ending his run at BCX. Addymestic would face Wrenchd, whom had previous beaten fellow Reason Gaming player Wrayne. Wrenchd would keep his momentum going and defeat Addymestic 2-0, ending another Reason member’s run at BCX. In Ephi’s match, faced against one of Brawlhalla’s top players, LDZ, Ephi would struggle to keep his momentum alive, and would fall to LDZ 2-0 in the Upper Bracket. In the lower bracket, Ephi would take out noeL, the previous winner against Lanz, but fall to Eggsoup in an insanely close 3-2 group stage rematch. LDZ, the man who knocked Ephi down to the lower bracket, would go on to win BCX 2016.

In doubles, Lanz and Ephi, as well as Wrayne and Addymestic, competed in bracket stages of BCX. Addymestic and Wrayne would start in the lower bracket, while Lanz and Ephi would start in the upper bracket. In the upper bracket, Lanz and Ephi took a 2-1 victory over Kylar Alice & Tiger, then moved on to play 3sUP’s Twilight and his dominating partner, Eanix’s Diakou. After a 3-0 loss to the NA/EU mix, Lanz and Ephi would be thrown in the lower bracket. In the lower bracket, Wrayne and Addymestic took a 2-1 victory over Happo and JPX, but were forced to face LDZ and his partner Stevenator. Following a 2-0 loss, Wrayne and Addymestic were out of the 2v2 tournament. LDZ and Stevenator would continue on and end up facing Lanz and Ephi, who had just lost to Twilight and Diakou, and ultimately lose to LDZ and Stevenator. Both teams of Twilight & Diakou and LDZ & Stevenator would go on to face each other in the grand finals, with Twilight & Diakou taking the 2v2 championship.

While we did not see first place, we did see top finishes from everyone in the bracket stage after amazing group stage performances. We’d like to thank Lanz, Wrayne, Addy, Ephi, and Marshall for representing Reason Gaming at BCX 2016, and we hope you continue to cheer for Reason Brawlhalla moving forward!