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The market for gaming chairs is ripe with choice, but they all blur into one as they follow a similar design with only slight differences between the brands. So when we had the chance to get our hands on the ARGENT E700 from Thermaltake, Designed by Studio F. A. Porsche, we were excited. Not only is it covered in genuine leather, it has a unique, sleek look that complements any gaming or office setup.

Thermaltake teamed up with Studio F. A. Porsche, a design studio famous for its unique and outstanding designs, to bring a game-changing gaming chair to the market. The ARGENT E700 has taken everything you expect from a gaming chair, and given it a futuristic, hard plastic shell that comes in a variety of colours to brighten up your setup and the rest of the room. The original six colours released offer a diverse selection to complement most palettes, but with such a unique design this selection could grow to offer a wider selection of colours than any other chair provider on the market.

On top of the original six colours, Thermaltake have since announced an additional three to join the collection. A soft Turquoise, a vibrant Sanga Yellow, and a Saddle Brown brings the choice of colours to nine.

The Design

This hard shell that the chair is encased in also means Thermaltake have done away with the flappy leavers under the chair to control the height and backrest lock we’ve come to expect on all chairs. Instead there are handles molded into the bodywork of the chair making them both easier to operate and in keeping with the sleek design.  The left handle can adjust the seatback with an impressive arch of up to 126°. The the right side handle can alter seat height with a range of 16.1″ – 20.8″ (41 – 53 cm).

Building the ARGENT E700

As stunning as the ARGENT E700 is to look at, the thing that had the biggest impact on me, at least to start with, was the simplicity of the build. Think back to the last time you built your last chair and the collection of screws and bolts you were faced with. Joining the base to the seat of the chair, and screwing in the armrests to each side. Then finally connecting the back of the chair to the seat. With the ARGENT E700, all of that is reduced to four bolts. As the armrests come pre-fitted to the seat, and the gas cylinder controls are build into the seat, all of that work is already done for you. All that’s left is to bolt the back to the seat. This makes it possibly the fastest gaming chair to put together on the market.

Key Points

Premium Real Leather
Fully covered real leather with 1 – 1.1mm in thickness over the entire seat and headrest. Real leather is durable, moisture resistant and easy to look after making sure your chair last you a long time.

Race Car inspired Side Handles
The ARGENT E700 is designed like a car seat meaning you can adjust it to find the most comfortable height and recline offering you the most comfortable experience possible.

Polished Aluminium Logo
Stand out! The polished Aluminium logo just under the headrest lets others know you’re sitting on a luxury chair.

Perforated Leather Seat Design
A perforated leather offers breathability to help you stay cool in your seat during a long gaming session.

Adjustable Armrests
The four-directional armrest movements in height and width allows you to adjust them for absolute comfort to relieve wrist pressure and muscle strain.

Adjustable Headrest
Integrated headrest with lift adjustment up to about 1.9” (5cm) offering perfect neck support and minimise the risk of pains and strains.

High Density Molded Foam
Underneath the real leather is packed with high density molded foam of 143.3lbs/ft³ (65kg/m³). The use of high density and premium foam provide even weight distribution and firm body support while maintaining a sedentary posture.

Sit up straight, or lean back – The ARGENT E700 does both
The backrest of the chair is lockable at four different angles: 107°, 113°, 119°, 126°.

Class-4 Gas Spring
Class-4 gas spring for maximized safety and reliability during height adjustments.

5-star Aluminium Base & Caster Wheels
Premium grade 5-star aluminium alloy base with large 3” (7.5cm) caster wheels for enhanced stability. Suitable for soft and hard floors, without scratching the floor.

What do our players think?

Boltstrike in the ARGENT E700 at the #Reason2Play Invitational

Boltstrike in the ARGENT E700 at the #Reason2Play Invitational

Traveling all over the world to esports tournaments has lead me to sit in a wide variety of gaming chairs. It’s helped me make the decision on what chair I use at home – a decision that the ARGENT E700 blew out the water. This chair is the most stylish and the most comfortable chair I’ve used. It looks good from every angle thanks to the design work of Studio F. A. Porsche and feels good to sit in because of the high quality padding and adjustable supports. I can’t wait to swap out my chair at home! – Boltstrike – SFV Player

Those that know me, know I like to be comfortable when I play. I’ve spent a lot of time finding the right chair for me, and for a while I thought I had it. But since using the ARGENT E700 there is a new contender for my home chair. I’ve never known such style or comfort from a chair designed for gamers. This is  the level of build quality, support and comfort I’ve come to expect from premium office chairs which Thermaltake and Studio F. A. Porsche have now brought to the esports market for which I can only thank them for! – MQS – SFV Player

Is the ARGENT E700 right for you?

So long as you are between 5’6” – 6’2” (170cm – 190cm) tall and weight under 331 lbs (150kg), yes – It’s as easy as that. Simply put this is the best chair we have used in our long history of gaming and esports. We have used it extensively and after a long day of work, or a longer evening of gaming the ARGENT E700 offers the support and comfort required to stop your feeling the aches and pains associated with sitting for extended periods of time. It’s important to stand up and stretch regularly, but the ARGENT E700 doesn’t make it feel like a necessity.