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There are some exciting things happening in the UK in 2017, and so we have decided to turn our attention to our domestic scene once again. We took some time working on this roster making sure we had a lineup that shared the same ambitions of working together and put in the required time. With our sights firmly set on ESL UK EPS, UK Gaming Tours, UK Masters and more, all set to place in 2017, we are thrilled to have this addition to our organisation.

The Reason Gaming UK CSGO roster for 2017 is:

Miran “SpeedyG” Hoyle
Bradley”Hoodlum” Ratcliff
Mitchell “m1tch1” Richards
Dudley “dudley” Morris
Tom “Vertigo” Rockliffe

SpeedyG has been the main man behind this new lineup, working very closely with the South African professional player, Hoodlum – formerly known as St1NGHoodlum brings a wealth of knowledge to the team from a scene very different to the UK. They took some time trialing, and testing players to fill the final three spots until finding the right dynamic and balance of play styles. It took several weeks but now they have a roster they are happy to reveal to the scene.

The UK scene has always been a focus of Reason since I took control of it back in 2012. I have spent over 12 years attending UK events, meeting players and running a UK community, and so it feels only right to support the growth of the competitive scene too. We had a hard time of it towards the end of 2016 with our previous UK team, and that initially put me off having a team in the UK for 2017. But after hearing everything that is coming, I truely beleive this is going to be the biggest year in UK eSports ever, and it’s the best time to be competing in the scene. – Adam “Blanks” Heath