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In terms of the aesthetics, the Division Zero x40 keyboard is urban in its overall design. It’s been built with visible screws and has a heavy, robust and metallic design. The visible screws allow for you to swap the front plate of the keyboard easily as there are a variety of colours to choose from, and no doubt more to come.

This keyboard can be customised as much as you like with custom faceplates

This keyboard can be customised as much as you like with custom faceplates

The visuals are helped by the solid red LED back lights which provide a very much needed bit of light when gaming in the late hours of the night. The LED back lights are adjustable in terms of brightness and help to accommodate to every player’s needs. Want it bright and funky? The x40 has you covered. Rather prefer it low-key and natural? Don’t worry, the x40 is also for you! As well as helping with the purely aesthetic view, the lighting provides a nice contrast to the black and silver colouring of the keyboard.


Lady in red….Adjustable backlit keys makes this keyboard perfect for use in low light situations

The main face of the keyboard is silver with some light accent work. There is a hint of red with splashes of the darker silver which create an interesting abstract design on the overall design of the keyboard. When compared to other mechanical keyboards, this is a fresh, new appearance you won’t see at every second counter in your gaming store of choice.

The keyboard itself is quite heavy when compared to other mechanical keyboards. However, this is expected due to the switches used. Thanks to the weight of the keyboard, I feel that it is quite sturdy and won’t be easily damaged. Giving a similar feel to the SteelSeries 6GV2/7G and Corsair K70. This is an important factor for me as I am constantly travelling to LAN events where I need my keyboard to be fully functioning after the journey, and not randomly get destroyed during travel. If space is something you’re short of, then you may run into issues with this keyboard as it is rather large. This is mostly down to the addition of the macro keys on what is already a full sized keyboard. Hopefully Division Zero will roll out a Tournament Style x40, losing the number pad and making it take up less space.

This is not a small, flimsy keyboard. This beast is built to last.

This is not a small, flimsy keyboard. This beast is built to last.

The addition of macro keys are useful, but not limited to gamers, editors, content creators, and programmers. Macro keys have found their place in the work space of many users for the unlimited customisation and profiling of macros. Marcos are easy to record either using function commands on the keyboard, or using the Division Zero drivers.

The keyboard itself has a set of audio jacks which is useful to an individual who has short headphone wires that are unable to reach their PC. It also has a USB slot. This can be used for many things such as charging the phone, or plugging in a USB drive with your config. This is especially useful to a gamer who attends LANs to reduce the need to get under the desk to plug things in.

In conclusion the Division Zero x40 is a solid, well built keyboard perfect for any gamer where space isn’t a problem.