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It’s safe to say that 2017 seems to keep getting better for us regardless of it being early days. After announcing a new CS:GO roster, follows our newest acquirement within the organisation.

We are proud to reveal that we now have Vincent “Deathsie” Chu joining the ranks as our dedicated Hearthstone talent.

We are excited to support Deathsie as he proves this will be the breakthrough year with a jam-packed schedule already planned. Deathsie will be representing Reason on a domestic and international stage. You will be able to follow him as he plans to qualify and attend events such as Insomina i60, DreamHack Summer and Winter along with ESL tournaments thrown into the mix.

I’m electrified to be sailing together with Reason for the 2017 Hearthstone season! It’s a pleasure to be aboard the crew! Look forward to our fun adventures on Deathsie’s journey through the salty Dead Sea – Vincent “Deathsie” Chu


Vincent ‘Deathsie’ Chu joining the Reason ranks

When he isn’t competing, he can be found live-streaming to his loyal community and featuring regularly as a eSports personality on the TV eSports talk show known as ‘The Bridge’. This is only a few mentions of what Vincent gets up to as a multi-talented Player, Caster, Streamer and Analyst.

Having Deathsie join us is a great step forward for Reason. Not only is he a talented Hearthstone player with a wealth of experience, he is also a great personality to add to the brand. It’s amazing how he finds time to jump between competing, streaming, being on TV and everything else he gets up to. We had a great year in 2016 with Hearthstone, which sadly didn’t end on the high it was meant to. However this is a new year with new goals and I look forward to following Deathsie in everything he enters. – Adam “Blanks” Heath

Watch this space as we enter the competitive season; we look forward to reporting back on our achievements to come!

Be sure to follow Vincent on his relevant platforms: