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Since Ralleh and Paynt were replaced in the team there have been a number of rumours and stories floating around, some of which are pretty far fetched, others which could have some level of truth to them, sadly the real truth isn’t nearly as exciting as some of the stories. Here is Jake “jakem” McCausland’s statement on what happened and the current stand of the Reason Gaming CSGO lineup:


I’m writing this to try and clear up the situation surrounding the Reason CS:GO team, as a lot of speculation and rumours have been surfacing over the past couple of weeks. Firstly, the previous line-up disbanded due to a number of reasons, but mainly due to the ROCCAT rumour involving wilzOOO. He had received an offer of a salary after i-series and was very open about it to the team in telling us his intentions to take it. Both mole and myself had already said that without Will in the team we’d have been left in a tricky situation with nobody to replace him, so we came to the decision to fold the team. It wasn’t a decision that was made overnight and it wasn’t one we took lightly because we really enjoyed playing with that line-up, we simply felt that any player we could have picked up would have been a step down.

Furthermore, i-series has already been paid for by the sponsors so we still wanted to attend in some shape or form. We spoke to both hudzG and Steel and asked if they wanted to make a mix for i-series and it went from there. The future of the team is still unknown after i-series but we will be playing in the ESWC qualifiers and are currently finishing off the ESEA season as a mix