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We had high hopes going into i49, with eighteen players making up four different teams, our sights were set on the gold from the off. As expected, our Global Offensive team were allocated first seed in their tournament, ahead of fm eSports, BBoMM and a number of talented UK teams. The League of Legends team, who flew over from the Czech Republic, bagged themselves the second seed, whilst the DotA 2 team were second seed and Shootmania guys were allocated the third seed.

From the off it was clear that our teams were amongst the best there, with no team feeling much pressure until the later stages of the tournament. The CS:GO team strolled through groups and made it through to the grand finals of the tournament, only dropping a map to their eventual main stage opponents fm eSports on the way. For Shootmania it was much the same story, with only a single map dropped on route to the final, against our stand in Microstar’s team mates of Team Dignitas. For DotA 2 and League of Legends, a fight from the final round of the lower bracket is what saw them make their way to the stage.

With one seed already met, and two succeeded, the tough task now was to get the better of our opposition across the board to try and clinch the first place prize. Unfortunately, the Reason side lost to fm eSports on stage in not one, but two games, CS:GO and Shootmania. The DotA2 team, despite having taken a map for their troubles, dropped to team aAa, and the League of Legends team fell victims to Millenium, meaning Reason Gaming walked away from the event with four silver medals.

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