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The SMITE scene is one we have been in from its infancy and have watched it grow over the last year or so into a new style of MOBA game which has a good foothold in both North America and Europe. So far, we have only focused our efforts on supporting the NA scene, but today that changes. We have picked up the winners of last weeks EU weekly tournament, Exposed Secrets. This lineup has been active for sometime but recently turned the heat up to 11 and come 2nd and 1st in the last 2 EU events making their victories look easy.

Presenting the new Reason Gaming EU SMITE team:


Simon “ziimP” Hagert
Kieran “Funball” Patidar
Lewis “Shadownightm4re” Farrell
Andreas “Murrdurr” Christmansson
Christian “Bobykopf” Eichhorn


Mikael “Schipplol” Szczepaniak
Peter “Smacktrickz” Nielsen

 Team captain Simon “ZimmP” Hagert had this to say:

We are looking forward to keep on progressing further into the smite competitive scene bearing Reason Gamings flag to #1