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Hello everyone, and welcome to the first little attempt at smoke guide we’ve ever done. I’d like to start off with a common map most players are comfortable on, but might not know the smokes you see in competitive play, or some smokes you just really don’t see in competitive play anymore.

This first one might seem a little complicate and get be pretty hard to get down every time. I still struggle with it, especially if my teammates don’t want to wait for me to line up my cross hairs and just rush sniper’s nest. This is going to be how you smoke off CT sniper’s nest from T-side spawn.

First thing’s first, after you buy your smoke grenade, you want to line yourself up with the very last window going towards Palace. I like to line myself up with this strange little crack in the frame.

smoke 1

After lining yourself up, turn around and line up your cross hair with the electric cables. Place your cross hairs in the X formation made by the crossing cables, doesn’t need to be perfect, especially if you have a wide cross hair, but on the X is all that matters.

smoke 2

Next, you want to match the edge of your cross hair with the tip of the antenna. Keep your cross hair centered with the X in the previous image, and start running towards the fence.

smoke 3

While running towards the fence, hold your right mouse button down and release it right before you hit the fence. No need to jump throw, just toss it away. If you think you’re a bit low and it’s just going to bounce off the wall, jumping might give you a slightly better angle.

smoke 4

Last, all you need to do is watch your smoke fly. It’ll go slightly over the ceiling and the fear of it bouncing off of something will always linger in the back of your head until you actually see sniper’s nest smoked off. Don’t worry about goofing it up, because sometimes a failed smoke can still benefit your positioning. If you’re lucky, you might smoke off catwalk!

smoke 5

This was a very hard smoke for me to learn at first. A friend and I spent roughly two hours screwing up, mostly due to poor positioning or not throwing quick enough. But thankfully, while this smoke is a bit challenging, it’s very rewarding. No one likes getting picked off from sniper’s nest. Sometimes that quick-toss flashbang doesn’t reach the AWPer or you end up just flashing yourself (selfies!). Even if you screw up the smoke into sniper’s nest, there is the chance you can smoke off catwalk, underpass, or even connector (on a very rare occasion). Practice makes perfect, my friends! That’s all you need to master this smoke.