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After a dominating Week 2 against, the Reason CS:GO UK team got to face Riot Gaming, who were also sitting at a 2-2 record. These matches were played just a few days before the ESL UK Spring Finals in Leicester.

Map 1 was Cache, the fairly CT sided saw Reason taking half-time 11:4, but failing to gather more than three rounds on terrorist side and losing the map 14:16. Despite extraordinary performances from weber and the crew, they’d have to show up fully on what could easily be considered their best map, Cobblestone.

During Week 1, many people will remember the battle they put up against Team Infused. Down 3:12 after half-time and fighting back for another 10 rounds, but still falling 13:16. But the “open the map” play style of Reason gave them a massive upper hand after half-time, 13:2, with every member having 10+ frags. And like always, weber was top fragging with 15 frags. Conor even helped win the 18th round, picking up a 2K with the Nova. Beautiful Counter-Strike right there. Reason would take the map with an incredibly decisive 16:3 and their third overall win. This will leave them at 3-3 and a round score of +16.

reason vs riot gaming

With all this going into ESL UK Spring Finals, Reason should have a lot of confidence playing on maps like Dust 2, Cache, and Cobble, the seemingly most played maps the past three weeks, as they look to win their rematch of Week 1 against Infused Gaming this Sunday.