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This is my first blog since I joined Reason Gaming, but it’s not going to be my last! I stopped playing competitive CS:Source at the end of April 2010 due to real life commitments and a lack of motivation. I was fed up with spending countless hours on practice and in the meantime I was missing out on so many things and then I made a decision. It wasn’t worth it any longer and it was now time to put away the gaming gear for good. I’ve always said that when I quit competitive gaming I want to play on a laid back team with some friends of mine and that was what I did. We didn’t practice more than once a week and we had so much fun so we decided to go to 
 TheBlast #2. We had a good run beating 2 of the best teams in  Denmark and I realised how much I’d missed the LANs and the adrenaline pumping through your entire body after you’ve won an important round but, needless to say, it was still summer and gaming wasn’t exactly numero uno on my to-do list. 

When  Hidden Path Entertainment started to implement updates to the new CS:Source engine it immediately had my attention. Finally the game got the updates it needed 
and I started playing  BoE gathers and I ended up fancying the game again. Therefore I started talking to some of my old team-mates from  RL:R and they agreed to start playing.

A couple of days before we planned on starting to practice  eXce and I got an offer to trial with  über G33KZ since they’ve made roster changes and were in need of 2 players. The question didn’t require much thought since we already knew how good FeTiSh was since we’ve both played with him beforehand and we have some hilarious memories from back then.

Both eXce and I felt that if we wanted to be one of the best again, and we did, we would have to play more than what the other guys wanted to so we agreed on accepting the offer and shortly after it was announced that we had joined the team. 

At the time we hadn’t played with either  wantz nor  v1ctor before, with the exception of  Team Denmark, however, I knew them pretty well and they’ve both developed into quality players while playing with FeTiSh.

I’m sorry, but these were the best pictures I could get from their Facebook profiles. Apparently both of them seem to forget they aren’t notorious gangstas.

Regarding the future of our team I’m more optimistic than ever. It’s a bit cliché, but I do sincerely believe we have the dedication, determination and discipline to hopefully become one of the best teams in the World and win lots of trophies.

I speak for everyone on the team when I say that we’re looking forward to seeing all of you guys at LAN and I hope you lot will follow and support us in the future!