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We have just arrived after long journey by car, and we plugin in rented PCs only to found out they seem are some kind of Athlon 3000+ x2 a bit overclocked. We aren’t sure how will they perform, but I doubt they will be anywhere near stable 100fps. This is quite a big bad first blow for us. But not much we can do about it at this moment.

I have to say thatt admins have been very helpful though, they setup everything for us even before our arrival, and there are no queues or anything at all!

First games should start at 22:00cet…
Everything going on smooth, games started as they were supposed to. We advanced into second group from first place, now we have to face little tougher opponents. Admins said we will most likely play a lot of games on stage and thus that PCs shouldn’t worry us much.
We are settled up on stage, and it’s all right. We beat Speedlink easily just few minutes ago, and now we are going to face . I don’t know their playstyle, so let’s see what they can bring onto table.

It’s seminfinal game, should start soon!
So, we beat , but I must refer that they are very good and strong team. Even though score may say otherwise. First of all, they picked CT on dust2, that was probably first mistake, because we have immense T side.
Second, we started as CT on nuke, which is again, very-very hard to break.
Also, we played a game on stage before, while they had to plugin everything and get ready. At the end I have to say, once again, they are good team.

We are going to face ATTAX in final match.
So now we beat attax 2-1 after maps. Their pick was inferno, which was obvious, since it’s probably our worst map. It was very close and we could have won if we hadn’t made some mistakes.
Second map, train, we started perfectly, and managed to play sick T side, making it 10-5 in our favor. It proved to be important, because they had solid Terrorists as well. But we managed to close it down.
Final map was nuke. We started again greatly, won pistol round which was important. At the end we ended up 5-10, which is suffisent, but could have been more. On CT side we locked it down, with few difficulties though, and won then.
Now we’re on our way home, we have to pack some stuff into car, and head home