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Last weekend saw our UK side head to the Ricoh Arena in Coventry to take part in the latest of Multiplay’s Insomnia iSeries events – i55. The team was seeded in 7th, which would be a respectable finish for the team’s first LAN event together.

They were placed at the top of their group, which also featured PINK, Noxious, TEAM YOBOGOYA and EpicSpace eSports. won all their games in the group and as such, finished top. The results were 16-8 (Noxious), 16-4 (EpicSpace), 16-0 (YOBOGOYA) and 16-1 (PINK). As such the group was a breeze, and it was onto the brackets to go up against the better sides of the tournament.

First off in the bracket, Reason.UK came up against Team-Kaos, which they dispatched rather quickly in a 16-4 fashion. Then it was off to play the 10th seed of Team Gumpster, which was a much closer game than any other come up against yet in the competition, but was eventually closed out in a 16-13 win. Then it was into the first of the best of three rounds, where we came up against the winners of epic.15 Choke Gaming. This matchup looked to be difficult, especially after Choke won the first map. However, our lads became resilient and took the remaining two, even if the final map was close. Then we were up against of the most well known names in UK Counterstrike history – Team Infused. We definitely didn’t make this easy for them, with us taking the first map. Then it was onto the final two where we were, sadly, unable to finish out and then were off to the lower bracket, where we were off to face…

Team CeX, the CS:GO team of the well known high street electronics store, would be the first opponents in the lower bracket. Safe to say, they were easily dispatched 16-1 in the first map, before another ample win in the second sent our side through to face off against Choke Gaming again. This would be in the lower bracket final, where we had confirmed fourth place, but a win would send us to at least third and a matchup against Team Infused. The first map was Mirage, and it was a fairly easy 16-8 win for our guys. Inferno and Train were different stories however with Choke showing the resilience they had to win epic.15 and taking both the maps and moving on, leaving us in a very respectable fourth place finish.

There isn’t much to be disappointed this LAN, we came up against good sides and beat them (Choke and CeX) and faltered to two good sides too (Infused and Choke… again). It was also the team’s first LAN together so, naturally, anything above their seed would do them well – and a 4th place finish has to be one of the better results we could’ve hoped for. There are amazing things in store for our UK team, so keep an eye on them in the future!