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Once again Reason CSGO took part in a QuickShot Arena tournament, this time featuring the likes of the Germans of KILLERFISH, the Turks in Space Soldiers and the Romanian XPC. However, this week’s version of the event wasn’t as easy as the previous one.

First up, our Danes came up against KILLERFISH. The first game wasn’t good watching, as our guys lost 16-5 on Overpass. Not ones to be beaten lightly, the boys came back on Mirage and took the map 16-11, including an ace from k0nfig at the beginning of the map (below) and managed to even it all up. Sadly, when it came to Dust 2, the Germans came back in force and pulled up another 16-5 win sending our guys into the lower bracket.

It was in the lower bracket where we faced off against the Romanians in XPC. The format in the Lower Bracket was Best of 1 and the map chosen in the end was Cobblestone. Our Danes took the game easily in a 16-8 win where we went to the Consolidation Final to face a familiar foe…

It was KILLERFISH again, in this Bo1 to decide who would make it to the final to play against Space Soldiers. This was a grueling battle of attrition on Overpass, where the game was equal by the end of normal play, after an insane comeback from our Danes being down 12-3 at the half. It took two overtimes to finally determine a winner in the game, with our Danish side coming out 22-19 winners in the end.

To the final match of the tournament, and it was against the Turkish side of Space Soldiers in a Best of Three. The first map was Cobblestone, a map our Danes seem to favour recently. The first half of the map was fairly equal, with our guys being 9-6, on CT side, ahead at the break. The second half was more of a walk-over, taking it 7-2 on the T side, winning the map 16-8. Inferno was up next and Space Soldiers finally reached the heights lots praise them for. They took the map 16-11, but not without resistance after a close first half. The final map came and it was Dust 2, the map where we went down to the lower bracket against KILLERFISH on the first day. This time it was a lot easier, with a dominant first half display taking it 10-5 at the break, really helping set up a push in the second half to win. 9 rounds later and it was won 16-10. Reason had won the second QuickShot Arena in a row, in a scoreline of 2-1.