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After an unexpected start to the ETF2L season and with i55 firmly set in the team’s sights, the Reason Gaming Team Fortress 2 team have decided to change three players to offer a more dynamic setup ready for the challenges that lay ahead.

kiler4fun will be replacing wltrs in the Scout position, Mike will be replacing Zoob in the Roaming Soldier position, and Skeej has been cut from the roster and replaced by KnOxXx in the Medic position. Their next ETF2L game is on the 6th of July against nerdRage.tf2, who are currently unbeaten, so they will be practicing hard for that to get their teamwork up to scratch and hopefully pick up and vital win.

We look forward to seeing if this new lineup can claw back some vital wins in ETF2L and can’t wait to meet them all at iseries and watch some live action Team Fortress 2!

More information on the team attending insomnia55 will be released shortly, but in the meantime, follow our Team Fortress 2 tean in the ETF2L Premier League here!