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The past couple of weeks since the new Reason.UK lineup was announced has been quite busy. First off, we had the ESL UK Premiership Summer Qualifiers #1, which grants two spots into the ESL UK Premiership Promotion tournament.

In the first game of the first qualifying tournament they played was against SuRe eSports, where our new team won 16-1, in a very comfortable game. The second game we came up against exabyte, of which it was another game where the team won 16-1 showing a very high degree of skill and dominance against the other teams they have played against so far in the tournament. The third game of this qualifier was against a mix known as “not a huge fan” which was a more difficult game, and by that I mean we only won 16-4 compared to the other two games, once again being very dominant. The team our lads played up against next was in the Quarter-Finals up against team2, which again was a distinct show of intense dominance by the Reason lads, winning 16-3. Then we come up to the Semi-Final, and the winner of this game qualifies to the ESL UK Premiership Promotion tournament. Sadly, however, this is where we faltered. The Reason.UK lineup were taken to overtime by the team simply known as fish123, culminating in a 21-19 loss, leaving us to have to qualify in the next week of competition.

However just before the second tournament we have had to say goodbye to shaney due to a questionable decision on his part. So we were running with a merc in his spot and surreal was on holiday so we were also using a stand-in for him too.

This is when we move to the second qualifiers, of which this tournament saw us seeded 1st, and this naturally came to fruition in the first game easily beating EquationGaming 16-9. The second game saw us come up against a familiar foe in team2, where we once again easily dispatched them in a 16-6 scoreline. In the final game of the first day, the team faced up against XSV to reach the Quarter-Finals, and it was also a simple game, beating the team 16-4. We then came to the second day where only two games stood between us and a spot in the Promotions Tournament. The first was against Simplexity Gaming, who took us to a closer game than the rest, seeing us on a 16-11 win. Where once again, we reach the semi-finals to face the team of Molotovs and Marshmallows. A team that featured some big names in the UK CS world, including paynt and vertiGo. During what can be easily called a controversial game by those watching we ended up going out once again at this stage, and not reaching the Premiership Promotion Tournament – losing 16-14.

So, the first couple weeks of the life of our UK team have been promising, but not overly successful. We’ve come close in both tournaments so far, and have fallen down at the final hurdle. We now leave ourselves in the hands of the Last-Chance qualifier, of which appears to be a fairly simple teamset of which our team is the strongest lineup. It’s all down to the final tournament!

After his amazing performance in the ESL Qualifier #2 with us though, we would like to announce that Johnathan “Jonny” Podd has joined us full time to fill. He is an old friend of the team so should gel very quickly and be ready for the Last-Chance qualifier.