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EGX is coming up this weekend, and that means our Reason Street Fighter V team are set to be in action. We will have five players in action for the CPT Europe Regional Open.

The players we have in attendance are as follows:

Our five players are placed into four pools, with Boltstrike, Poizesto and Ki113r 7 standing alone in pools D, E, and F respectively. Metalqueersolid and Wireman, on the other hand, are both placed into pool B. Not only that, they’re placed on the same side of the bracket, so if their opening matchups go their way then they’ll be set to face off against each other in the second round.

Speaking of opening games, it’s probably best to have a quick run-through of them. In pool D, Boltstrike will be set to face off against The Colonel. Poizesto in pool E is set to face off GinoDacampo in his opening match, while Ki113r 7 is lined up for an opening against American Snake Eyez. Down in pool B, Metalqueersolid is set to take on Omega MAD and Wireman has a tough tie against Luffy lined up. The winners of those games

Thankfully, all pools at EGX are double-elimination. That said, Metalqueersolid has described the difficulty of this event as a “blood olympic size swimming pool,” so a lot of action is set to go down over the next few days in East London.

With the size of the tournament touching 137 players, the pool start times are set to be staggered. The relevant start times for each pool on Friday are as follows:

After the pools, the remainder of the tournament gets underway on the Saturday. The top 32 will start at 12pm and last until 3:30pm, with the top 8 continuing at 3:45pm and finishing around 6:30pm. Sunday will see the invite-only CPT European Regional Finals take place, where invites are based on points from the CPT Europe standings.

As is tradition by now, Wireman has produced a lengthy Twitter thread that acts as a survival guide for those attending EGX. Do have a flick through, as it contains information on entry times, player packs, locations and the undisputed fact London does not make good fish and chips.