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Over the past weekend, we had Boltstrike and metalqueersolid representing Reason at Ultimate Fighting Arena 2019 in Paris.

The Friday saw the two properly represent the colours in the SFV 2v2 Team tournament. The boys first game up against the French team of BURNING HEADS, but came out as 2-0 winners to progress to the second round. It was at this point where they fell to the lower bracket, losing 2-1 to “ex 60 euros.”

Boltstrike playing SFV on stage, while MQS grasps his hand.

Bolt & MQS sharing a moment on stage. Photo: Stephanie “Vexanie” Lindgren

The Reason spirit means we never give up, and that attitude meant a monster lower bracket run was on the cards. It began with dispatching Pif Club 2-0, before another 2-0 win against GamersFanClub. This was then followed up by two 2-1 wins over Yoga Clap and IbukiEtSakuraSontLow, the latter featuring Linkexelo, before reaching the lower bracket quarter final. This saw a 2-0 victory over Verdoyance’s SPIRULINE, before taking a place in the Lower Bracket Final with a 2-0 win over Black Reflector, featuring Ryan Hart and Layo. A 2-1 win over Tajine ananas, featuring Nasty Nas and Kilzyou, secured our boys a spot in the Grand Final.

This is where they’d face Takamura and Mister Crimson in Team Frengium. Despite being able to take a game off of the French/Belgium duo, our two fell 2-1 to finish second in the competition.

This led perfectly into the Saturday, where the main SFV ranking competition took place. MQS was placed into Pool 7, while Boltstrike was slotted into Pool 5. We’re happy to report that both players exited their pools and reached the Top 48.

Boltstrike’s playoff run started in the upper bracket, however he suffered a first round loss to GuN_SLinGa to be sent into the lower bracket. There he was slotted into the third round of the lower bracket, where he secured a 2-0 win over AfroSaiyan. Unfortunately he came up against Ryan Hart who was in the mood for revenge, and eliminated the doctor 2-0. This meant Boltstrike placed 13-16th at UFA Paris.

Boltstrike also took part in the Samurai Shodown tournament, where he finished in the top 48 after losses to eventual runner up Benji Buckley and Mister Crimson.

metalqueersolid’s bracket run started in the lower bracket, and after a 2-0 win MiChOcO, he then fell in a close 2-1 match against Akainu. This meant MQS placed 17th-32nd at the event which, by his own admission, was “stacked.”


Next up for Reason Gaming’s SFV squad will be EGX in London for the Capcom Pro Tour’s European Final, over October 17th-20th. At the event we will see Boltstrike & MQS return, with appearances from the rest of our SFV team.