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Things have been a little quiet for the last couple of months with a lack of posts on social media but I am happy to say that the period of darkness is over. Over the last two-three months I have been in negotiations for me to reclaim the full control of Reason Gaming from our silent partner so we can move forward with our post Gfinity Elite Series plans.

Today is the day that full control was restored to me and we can continue doing what we were doing with our Street Fighter V roster, and focus on expanding into other titles. In the past it has normally been me trying to fill every role required to run an organisation, and that is tiring and counter-productive as you can never give one role your full focus. That is why I am pleased to announce two very talented individuals that will be joining me in running Reason Gaming.

Firstly, we know him as the oldest man in the Elite Series. The father of three that gave up his job to be a professional esports player at the age of 38, and now just under three years on joins the management team of the very same organisation that gave him his break – Steve “Undacuva” Allen. He will be filling the role of Sales and Marketing Director. He will be the man driving us forward with partnerships and sponsors.

gfinity elite series; street fighter v; joebradyphoto

Steve “Undacuva” Allen is taking his passion for esports and Reason and using it his new role of Sales and Marketing Director

The second individual is no stranger to the professional esports world. He’s worked with some of the best CSGO and League of Legends teams in the world, as well as been tournament director at countless top tier esports events. Taking up the position of Operations Director, we have Graham “messioso” Pitt. His main focus will be on the players and teams under the Reason banner.

I’m sure everyone will join us in welcoming these two people to their new roles in Reason. We have a lot of things planned over the coming months so keep an eye on our social media for updates!