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As an organisation, Reason Gaming have a little bit of history surrounding MOBA titles, having supported teams in a number of MOBA games over the years. These titles include the ever popular League of Legends, Valve’s DotA 2, SMITE and Heroes of Newerth. In recent months, we have been wittled down to just a single title, namely DotA 2, however today that changes with the reintroduction of Heroes of Newerth.

Heroes of Newerth is a game that is close to the heart of the Reason Gaming organisation, having previously supported a number of rosters including that of the former Swedish Counter-Strike legend, Daniel “giftig” Ivarsson. We now welcome a new roster, comprised of Danish and German talent. 

 The team captain had this to say about the move to Reason:

“My team and I are proud that an organisation like Reason Gaming is picking us up. The ‘Rea’-Tag gives us a lot of confidence and pride, especially when it had such a successful past in HoN with gitftig’s team. We are honoured to represent the Reason Gaming HoN division and we’re looking forward to achieve great results in the near future!”

 The new Reason HoN team is as follows:

Alexander ‘Imbaboy’ Leber

Mathias ‘OwnedMe ‘ Huynh

Ibrahim ‘TPSPriceless’ Choule

Morten ‘Mbrei’ Breivik

Andreas ‘Z4NE’ Leber 

With Dreamhack just around the corner, and the well funded Heroes of Newerth tournament on the horizon, the Reason tag will be making an appearance. However, for the event in Jönköping, the team won’t be using their full line-up as some members are unable to make it. So instead we will have the following players replace OwndedMe, TPSPricesless and MBrei:

Frederik ‘Buch’ Petersen

Markus ‘Malle’ Peltonen

Sanel ‘ArchiTiger’ Talic