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After just over six years away from the scene, today we are pleased to announce that Reason Gaming have rejoined the world of StarCraft 2.

The team has been built by Peter “Kremer3” Kremer, who joins as Reason Gaming SC2 team manager. His first addition was the team captain, Richard “GamerRichy” Cox. Brit GamerRichy, who plays as Terran, is a strong ladder player who states his main objective is to show fast paced games and aggression, with a motto of “STIM AND WIN.”

He is joined by German Terran Andre “InZaNe” Becker and Danish Zerg Martin “SpazyMazy” Mouritzen on the roster. InZaNe has a macro-oriented playstyle, and most recently attended the offline qualifiers for IEM Katowice at the start of this year. SpazyMazy has an aggressive playstyle, and is in regular attendance at LAN events in his native Denmark as well as the UK. epicLAN is also a regular haunt for two of our players, with SpazyMazy finishing fourth at the recent epic29 and taking second at epic epic27. GamerRichy took a 7-8th finish at epic29, after a fourth place finish at epic26 last year.

The team intend to take part at the upcoming AlphaProLeague EU tournament, as well as keeping an eye on potential upcoming LAN events in the latter portion of the year, including Insomnia and some potential DreamHacks or ESL Pro Tour stops.

On joining, Richard “GamerRichy” Cox, SC2 captain, said:

My ‘Never give up’ attitude has helped me progress to beating some of the biggest names in Starcraft 2 on ladder. Time to take this to the next level and improve my consistency, quality of playstyle and closer to achieving better results. With Reason Gaming, it’s time to take it up a gear?

Peter “Kremer3” Kremer, Team Manager, added:

My plan for Reason SC2 is to make a team of European players who are ready to break out into the international scene, I also want to field a team for the AlphaProLeague EU. I know with a team captain of Richy and the audience he pitches to, we’re looking at a formidable force to be reckoned with in the future.

The Reason Gaming StarCraft 2 roster is as follows:

Richard “GamerRichy” Cox (Captain)
Andre “InZaNe” Becker
Martin “SpazyMazy” Mouritzen

Peter “Kremer3” Kremer (Manager)

Welcome to Reason Gaming!