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…by entering the world of Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Steffan “Streakz” Noel has joined the Reason Gaming squad, making it the latest Fighting Game we’ve been a part of, and second currently in the stable alongside Street Fighter V, having had a presence in that game since 2017. Streakz currently mains Fox, with a playstyle self-described as “I hit them.”

Before joining Reason, Streakz picked up the win at Manchester Conquest 4 last year, after a 25th-32nd place finish at Albion 4. Earlier this year, Streakz secured a 17-24th place finish at Valhalla III in Copenhagen, Denmark. Streakz’ next events are currently scheduled to be Dat Blastzone 31: Revival, London March 21st, and Invasion, Birmingham April 4th.

On joining Reason, Streakz said:

I’m really happy to have joined Reason Gaming. I’m excited to see what pathway this is going to show me!

Adam “Blanks” Heath, Managing Director of Reason Gaming added added:

Smash has been a game on our radar for some time as it has such an engaging community surrounding it, so we’re very excited to have Streakz join us in our first step into this title!

Welcome to Reason Gaming!