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Over the last couple of years there has been incredible growth in the competitive side of the world’s longest running MMORPG, World of Warcraft and so for that reason we are happy to announce we’ve picked up one of Europe’ strongest guilds.

Joining us is the entire Deviants guild, whom henceforth will be traversing the realms of Azeroth under the Reason Gaming name.  The guild is primarily focused on the PvE gameplay of World of Warcraft, recently competing the Race to World First for the latest raid tier, Ny’alotha The Waking City where they placed 21st wordwide, and 10th in Europe. A list of their most recent achievements in Battle for Azeroth are below:

  • Ny’alotha The Waking City (Nzoth): EU 10, World 21 (7 Day Schedule)
  • Eternal Palace (Azshara): EU 30, World 53 (5 Day Schedule)
  • Cruicible of Storms (Uunat): EU 18, World 29 (5 Day Schedule)
  • Battle of Dazar’Alor (Jaina): EU 42, World 63 (4 Day Schedule)
  • Uldir (G’huun): EU 84, World 126 (4 Day Schedule)

On joining Reason Gaming, biff, said:

We are extremely pleased and excited to be working with Reason Gaming in helping to bring World of Warcraft PvE further into the general esports scene.

We aim to use this relationship as a platform to build upon, creating a greater presence for our guild and allowing increased opportunities for our members to feel part of a team working towards a shared goal.

We also want to use this as an opportunity to bring in streamers in the community to come and stream under the Reason Gaming name, and become part of the guild, not just with the world first race but also with high level Mythic+ and PvP content.

Adam “Blanks” Heath, MD of Reason Gaming, added:

The race to world first is always a thrill to watch, so I am so excited to have a horse in the race when Shadowlands drops and we see a brand new raid tier open up. Having spent a week talking to various people in the guild, I am happy to find they are a great bunch of people who will fit nicely into the Reason Gaming family.

The full Reason Guild are as follows:


Officer Team Tanks Melee Ranged Healers
Siqs (Twitch)
Dragnio (Twitch)
Ksp (Twitch)
Tisumii (Twitch)
Danwarr (Twitch)
Lnoght (Twitch)
Zeynd (Twitch)
Stjern (Twitch)
Racos (Twitch)
Namix (Twitch)

Welcome to Reason Gaming!