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Reason Gaming are delighted to announce their acquisition of this Strife team. We have high hopes for the future of this particular game, and this team with it. Here’s some more information on the team we have picked up;

Team Manager
– André “Muhtopie” Ulrich. 25 Years old, Germany 

– Ben “Thatchy” G18 Years old , Great Britain, Toplane Support

– Karim “Linkens” L. 20 Years old , Germany, Midlane Support
– Jan “WolfJoe” K. 24 Years old , Germany, Bottom Sololane
– Roni “Runkralf” E. 18 Years old , Sweden, Toplane Carry
– Philipp “YellowJohn” P. 18 Years old, Germany , Midlane Carry

– Kevin “Cabbage” L. 23 Years old , Germany
– Teodor “Lagg” H. 18 Years old , Sweden
Adam Heath, Owner of Reason Gaming had this to say about the acquisition of the team;

“Joining a game at such an early stage of its development is always risky, but knowing that S2Games are behind it makes it a risk worth taking. I am excited to be entering into this scene and look forward to helping Strife grow into a competitive title. Being a fan and supporter of their previous title, Heroes of Newerth, I expect big things from this game.”
The team’s thoughts on joining Reason Gaming.

We believe partnering with Reason Gaming will be a good opportunity for both us and the Strife community to grow and we’re looking forwards to representing Reason Gaming and appreciate them being willing to support us so early in the development of Strife and the competitive scene and we’re sure we’ll see big things to come 
A very brief look at roster’s history before joining Reason Gaming;
– WolfJoe and cabbage have known each other for 10 years.
– Linkens met WolfJoe in solo-queue and asked him to setup a team for a Strife Tournament, but struggled to find 5 members.
– When the big tournament got announced YellowJohn rejoined the scene after taking a break.
– The Team still needed one member, so they acclaimed RunkRalf/Thatchy and cabbage went sub
– Achieved 2nd place in Cows of Strife after playing for several days as a team.