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Due to Michael “haddzy” Haddfield having studies, he is unable to dedicate his time to the team, meaning that he has left on mutual agreement.

This therefore leaves a space on the roster. After some thinking the team has decided to pick up a top level player in Rhys “Rated” Price as their new fourth. He has shown tremendous loyalty to his old team DB Gaming as he was with them for over a year and the team knows he will show Reason that same loyalty. The captain of Reason Gaming Samuel “Magaziny” Elliott said this about Rated “I honestly think this player will be able to take our team to a new level, at i51 he basically beat us 1v4 on Strikezone Domination.

The team feel this move will benefit both Haddzy and the team in the future. The team would like to wish Haddzy best of luck with his exams and in looking for a future team.

The team hopes that you will continue to support their new roster in all upcoming events.

New Roster:

Samuel “Magaziny” Elliott

Jordan “Reedy” Reed

Cedrick “Ced” Odom

Rhys “Rated” Price