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Our Swedish DotA 2 keeps practicing ahead of future LAN Events and yesterday participated in the JeeSports Cup #3, where they managed to reach the 1/4 finals, where they lost to one of the best teams in the scene at the moment in the shape of Absolute Legends.

First match of the tournament saw our team facing Zero Empathy, who they managed to outclass, meaning they would advance to the second round, where they would meet Batican Vananas who they also managed to outclass.

1/8 finals would see our team face End Your Streak, who didnt turn out to be much of a problem for our team to get rid of, thus advancing to the 1/4 finals, where they would meet the old N9 now known as Absolute Legends after being picked up by the organization.

The Australians proved why they are one of the strongest sides in the current DotA 2 competitive scene and took the victory over us, which meant we had hit the end of the road in the JeeSports Cup #3.

The list of matches played can be found below:

Round 1:

Reason-Gaming [01] vs [00] Zero Empathy

Round 2:

Reason-Gaming [01] vs [00] Batican Vananas

1/8 Finals:

Reason-Gaming [01] vs [00] End Your Streak

1/4 Finals:

Reason-Gaming [00] vs [01] Absollute Legends

Full bracket of the tournament can be found here.

Stay tuned to as our DotA 2 team will be this weekend participating in the Infused Cup.