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This week of the SteelSeries league was set to take place yesterday night, and so it did, with the Danish elite fighting to go up in the league table looking to secure one of the first 4 places which grant entry to the finals to be held at HK Lan this coming month.



This week our team had to play against SpeedGaming and Foxproof, with the SpeedGaming match taking place first at 20:00 CET, followed by the match against Foxproof at 21:00 CET.

The night unfortunately didn’t start as we would have expected seeing us lose the first match against SpeedGaming 16-9 on de_season, thankfully we could recover for the second match, where we managed to outclass Foxproof 16-1 on de_train.

Matches of this week can be found below:

Reason-Gaming [09]-[16] SpeedGaming.CustomData

Reason-Gaming [16]-[01] Foxproof.CustomData

These results leave our team on 5th position, just 1 point behind the 4th place which would grant us access to the league finals at HK Lan. Group standings can be found here.

Stay tuned to as we will update you on next week’s matches against Dejavue and Team PrivaHost.