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After the Group Stage has come to an end in the Skynet Cup, it is now time for the playoffs, where our Swedish team will be fighting in the lower bracket after not managing to secure a top 2 finish in the group.

The format used by Skynet places the top 2 finishers of each group in the upper bracket directly, while 3rd and 4th of each group have to battle it out through the lower bracket.

The first match for our team in the lower bracket is against the French side ” worldwargame “, and should they win, they will advance to the next round of the lower bracket, where they will face either “Panzer” or “Young Rebels”, depending on the outcome of that upper bracket match.

Matches aare currently going on in the Skynet Cup, so stay tuned to as we will bring you further updates regarding the tournament.

Reason-Gaming matches:

Losers Bracket Round 1:

Reason Gaming [01]-[00] worldwargame

Losers Bracket Round 2:

Reason Gaming [01]-[00] Popcorn& Pepsi

Losers Bracket Round 3:

Reason Gaming [00]-[01] Epidemic

You can see the brackets by clicking on this link.