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Our Danish team played their countryman from Copenhagen Wolves yesterday night in the EMS Season IX semifinals, and managed to carry on with the great form they have shown throughout the whole season and managed to take home the victory 2-1.

Things didn’t start out well for our team as Wolves started out strong in de_dust2 managing to come out on top of our team, taking the victory 16-14.

Second map would be de_train which turned out to be a really close map just as first map, with our team starting out the best, coming out on top in the first half 12-3 , and managing to ultimately win the game 16-12.

Third and deciding map would be de_nuke, which turned out to be the fastest of all 3 maps to finish as our team managed to put in a great T side first half, coming out on top 9-6, which would put us on a great position to win the map and the match as CT, and so we did, thus winning the match 2-1.

ESL EMS Season IX Semifinal /

Reason Gaming [02] vs [01] Copenhagen Wolves 


This means we have reached the finals of this EMS Season IX, where we will face either French side VeryGames or Belgian side Antwerp Aces, who are set to face each other tonight.

Stay tuned to as we will keep you updated regarding dates for the Final, as well as who we are playing.