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Game 1

The first game opened up strong with Low Land Lions taking the first Tower, Dragon and kill, but Reason Gaming managed to turn it around after swiftly taking three towers in succession. From there on both teams traded objectives and the game took on a tamer pace until RG contested the third dragon, securing it while taking down four LLL members and picking up momentum to seemingly snowball the game. LLL put up a valiant fight after losing most of their champs after a baron, but the game was already too much in Reason’s hands and they managed to close it out shortly after they regained their footing.

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Game 2

The initial stages of the game saw a lot of skirmishes involving each teams jungler ganks, but neither team achieved first blood until Xayoo and Takefun initiate a tower dive just before the game reached 10 minutes. The dive is risky as Cosq lands Petrifying Gaze on both Reason members but TakeFun managed to cast wild growth just in time to save his comrade, meanwhile both teams duo lane secure their first tower as they were both in 2 vs 1 lane swaps. Reason Gaming looked to secure the first Dragon but Kirei’s Nidalee leaped in to sacrifice himself for a steal on the objective with the help of the champions bonus execute damage. An incredibly extended fight breaks out in the midlane, giving Low Land Lions a chance to get back into the game. The opportunity is fleeting, as RG rush down the next dragon, securing it before Kirei can think about a steal, before taking out Hybrid and finally taking out the Mid Tier 1 Turret.

Unfortunately for Reason, Low Land Lions’ team composition was a ticking time-bomb as the Jax, Nidalee and Cassiopeia all have powerful late game power spikes, meaning that RG had to try and snowball any advantages before game gets out of their hands. Realizing this, RG started to force fights across the map, although they don’t all go as planned as TakeFun tries to face CosQ and falls due to Lulu’s lack of damage compared to Cassiopeia. TakeFun falls once again defending midlane, but his life is traded for Morsu, which turned out to be an elaborate ruse to allow Celaver and Libik to rush down the top lane taking the turret and inhibitor.

The entire game is turned on it’s head as LLL swiftly take down the baron and score a rapid ace after quickly tearing through the RG squad, who are late to the fight, which enables LLL to take mid inhibitor and swings the gold into their favour. RG aren’t a team to roll over and manage to take a 3rd dragon, but the messy fight that follows finished in LLL’s favor once more.

Keeping up their momentum, LLL secure another Baron before deciding to try to end the game, and although Reason Gaming manage to secure some kills in the top lane defense, LLL rotate to another inhibitor and manage to pick off the straggling members of Reason before ending the game.

View the complete statistics for this game here.