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GameAgents League – Group B [Game 1]

This is the first game of the GameAgents league that our Danish team have been invited to play in. They have been put into Group B – an entirely Danish group. Most likely to avoid a full Danish final but, either way – we’ve got an interesting set of games on our hands… The first game would be against Dignitas, a team who quite badly missed out on the recent ESL One Majors by quite a margin (Losing 16:3 to Keyd Stars (Known as KaBuM.TD at the time) being one of the games – not so good). So, it’s time to see how our team of Danes would fare against their Danes… The maps are Inferno (Dignitas pick), Cache (Reason pick), and the decider would be Mirage. Let’s see how this went…

Quick thing to note – The team was without tabu due to him being away… somewhere so we’ve had SandeN in as a stand-in.

inferno_badge Game 1 – Inferno

This is the first map being played in this GameAgents league clash. Reason started the map on the Terrorist side, and they started well – picking up the pistol round. However, it didn’t continue on too well, with Reason being 9:6 down at the half, with some not very good rounds and some glimmers of brilliance, it didn’t take too long for Dignitas to pull away in the second… Our Danish sided did manage to pick up some rounds, but sadly in the end the game wasn’t to go to us – but some glimmers of hope and goodness were there. It was a loss of 16:12 at the end – which isn’t too bad considering the strength of the opposition. But this was Dignitas’ pick, so it could all turn around in the second game… Could it?


Game 2 – Cache

Here’s the second game of a potential three. This is the choice of Reason, which should mean it would be an easy game… However, it started off with Dignitas winning the first… 5 rounds. The 5th one could’ve been a win for Reason but the choice to not go for the defuse by haste, with JuGi looking over and Dignitas not in the area, but it was most likely a good tactical move – saving up weapons. Reason picked up the 6th round and seemingly woke-up afterwards – the half ended up 7:8 in Reason’s favour – a small lead but one that should give them hope considering being 5-0 at one point.  The second half didn’t start well – Dignitas started it off with a win in the pistol round but it continued to be poor for our Danish team, not winning in all but one round where the bomb was planted by them. In the rounds they did win, however, it was impressive play. The game ended 16:10 for Dignitas. Ending the Best-of-three series.


After that, Reason go to the Losers bracket in the GameAgents league, where they would play Copenhagen Wolves – who lost to CPLAY very, very badly. This should be an easy game for the team – if they play in a set, ordered and properly tactical fashion. But it wasn’t all bad – these are very good scores against some difficult opponents, something to look on with a want to do better with the game against CHW… Let’s see what you thought in the comments below.