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We are very proud to announce becoming part of the G2A family! is a massive online marketplace where you can pick up digitally accessible games at a heavy discount so you can get the games you want and love for less.

reason bannerG2A are showing great support inside the esports world by supporting both teams and events to help this industry grow. The industry needs more companies with this kind of vision to help push esports even further and help it get to its deserved status of a “real sport”.


So if you have your eye on a game you really want to play, but don’t want to pay full price, hop on over to and see how much you could save. And don’t forget to use our coupon for an additional 3% off!


Thanks to G2A we will be running a giveaway this weekend so keep your eyes fixed on our Facebook and Twitter for this giveaway which you won’t want to miss.