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We are pleased to announce that we have picked up a European Infinite Crisis team who have are up to the task of taking place in ESL’s GO4IC Season 2 which kicks off next week. With our US team taking a break after failing to finish in the top 4 of last season, we are glad to still have a team waving the Reason flag in the EU scene.

Reason’s new Infinite Crisis team is:

Aleksandr ‘eZpeazy‘ Kondratovich (captain) AD Carry / botlane
Ilya ‘Nor1‘ Cherepanin – mid
Aleksey ‘jestb‘ Kotov – top lane
Andrey ‘FloYd‘ Yakushov – jungle
Aleksey ‘avx‘ Petukhov – support

Aleksandr ‘eZpeazy‘ Kondratovich had this to say about joining:

We are ecstatic to join a such well known Organisation as Reason Gaming. With joining the organisation we look to a bright future, which includes bringing our own skill and the Infinite Crisis Community onto a whole new level. I think with Reason-Gaming we can show our best game.Thanks a lot for chance. 😉