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Last weekend our League of Legends team attended the Fan4Fan event. Going into this event we knew that it overlapped with the Polish Riot event but the admins at Fan4Fan assured us that there would be more than enough time to complete in both their tournement and the Riot on. This however, was not the case. After an 8 hour delay to the event, due to a DDOS affecting the event’s connection, we were almost out of time when we made it to the finals. Both us and ouropponent, MSI Dragons, were due to play in this Riot event so were both feeling the pressure of the extensive delays.

The finals were a best of 3. Silly mistakes were made throughout game 1, brought on mostly by the stress caused by time restraights, and so we ended up losing. After the game both teams realised that there was no time to play more games if they wanted to compete in the Riot event so our team unanimously decided to give MSI Dragons the 2nd victory freeing up both teams to play in the Riot event.