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For the third year in a row we will be flying the Reason flag at ESWC which takes place at the amazing Paris Games week in France!

After narrowly missing out on winning a spot in 2 ESWC qualifiers, our CSGO Female team has been invited to the Paris Games Week qualifier which will be taking place at the event. This qualifier sees the 6 best female teams in France battle it out for the 1 remaining spot in the main ESWC event.

After the defeats in the previous qualifiers, 3 of the players decided they didn’t want to continue in the team or competitive esports for the time being. This gave us 3 spots to fill in a very short space of time. As sad as it was to lose Anita “aNi-” Lok, Line “Linema$kine” Jakobsen and Hanne “fuRia” Eian, their departure made is possible for us to attend the Paris Games Week qualifier as we picked up an additional 2 French ladies and a farmilar face from the UK.

We are pleased to announce our new female team who will be at ESWC are:

Nina ‘Foxglove‘ Flatnes
Abigail ‘Abiii‘ Glover
Sophia ‘Kim.‘ Benfakir
Meyssa ‘Missa‘ Bellouati
Sabrina ‘ShamSi‘ Ouzzaine

 abiAbiii at ESWC 2012

Abigail ‘Abiii‘ Glover had this to say about her return to Reason and the female scene:

 “I am extremely excited to be returning back into the female scene and having the chance to represent Reason Gaming once again. After the success 2 years ago at ESWC securing 3rd place in the first CS:GO Women’s event with a previous Reason Female line-up, I hope to have the chance to replicate that success again with this newly formed line-up.

 We have so much potential and chemistry as a team and with dedication, practice and of course time, we want to go far. – I know that we can make it happen and ESWC will be our first step as a team. To have this opportunity is amazing and we cannot wait to see how we are going to perform at our first event together. We look forward to a long future both as teammates and friends, and we want to thank everyone who will be supporting us.