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For the first time iSeries is playing host to a Heroes of the Storm tournament with a £5,000 prize pool attached to it. Upon this announcement we were approached by an old friend, Nico “Myagus” Gonzalez, who was part of our European Infinite Crisis team. Nico had stayed in contact since the team broke apart and has remained a supporter and friend. When he asked if his team could represent Reason in the Heroes of the Storm event at i55 it was an easy decision to make.

Playing Heroes of the Storm for us at i55 is:

Henderson “SlamJam” McDonald – Support
Carl “iNveiN” Case – Assassin
Nico “Myagus” Gonzalez – Assassin
Andrew “Skibba” Dilley – Flexible
Kane “Kaneo” Vanner – Flexible


It feels good to come back to represent one of the Organisations I enjoyed staying in the most. I can’t wait to play at an event with the Reason Gaming tag on as sadly the Infinite Crisis team never made it that far. I hope this is the start of a long stay in Reason Gaming.