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Our new CSGO line-up of ours have recently taken part in the Ding!t QuickShot Arena #3 tournament, which took part over the 19th & 20th of August and went up against ESC, and OverGaming.

We played the first game on the 19th against ESC, which went to it’s full three games but it felt like it shouldn’t have. Our lads won Dust 2 very convincingly in the score line of 16-2, not a single loss in the second half. Mirage came and it was a different story – the boys only picked up the single round in the first half, and ended up losing the game 9-16. However, in the final map Inferno, our team came alive and won 16-8 to take the first game and go to the QuickShot Arena Upper Bracket Final.

In the Upper Bracket Final, the winner of which goes straight into the QuickShot Arena’s Grand Final was against the Spaniards of OverGaming, and this did not take as long. We went into the first map Overpass and we hit them hard, taking the game 16-9, and not letting them have an inch in the second half of the map. The second map however wasn’t as easily won. OverGaming took the boys to an overtime on Mirage, where we eventually emerged victorious as 19-17 winners. This win sent us straight to the Grand Final where…

…We faced off against OverGaming again! Yes, the Spaniards managed to come through the lower bracket final against ESC to take them to this final face-up in the QuickShot Arena Grand Final. The first map was Inferno and it was the closest of the final, with us taking it 16-13 after a standard first half but what seemed to be a war of attrition-like second half. The second map Dust 2 started… later than planned (as in, it was a few hours late) due to the server crashing and the admin falling asleep (true story). But it was an easy map for our Danes, winning it in quick and easy fashion at 16-6.

So this means we go ahead and take the $1500 first prize for the QuickShot Arena Grand Final and adds another title for our new line-up!