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We are thrilled to announce the LG, the creators of amazing widescreen and curved monitors, will be joining Reason Gaming at i55 this weekend. Thanks to them our players will be able to test drive their 21:9 ratio widescreen 25″ monitors, the LG-25UM57, which comes pre-loaded with game mode presets and fully programmable custom configurations. Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram throughout the event to see these monitors in use and to follow our UK CSGO team, Team Fortress 2 squad, and our recently picked up Heroes of the Storm team.



LG’s amazing 21:9 ratio showing you more of your game

Take a look at their whole range of monitors on their website and if you like what you see you can pick one up from Overclockers. If you are attending iSeries and worried you won’t get it in time then why not take advantage of Overclocker’s “deliver to your desk” option at the event.