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As you may, or may not know, the poll to decide which teams the fans think should make it to the e-Stars Seoul event, has been running for 30 days now, but it has been officially closed today.

The poll presents some surprises, mainly in Europe, where the Spaniards from x6tence seem to have a big fan base, and made it to the 4th place, but, maybe the biggest surprise, is that the Danes from mTw didn’t cut it.

In America, the Argentineans from Wild Ineters have claimed the second spot in the poll just behind EG, and infront of the likes of and Firegamers, something the CS community hasn’t taken lightly, considering the unknown character of the Argentineans.

In Asia things where pretty much as expected, with the Chinese teams taking 2/3 of the spots, which  doesn’t seem so surprising, considering the big population playing games over there.

We must remember, that, the voting process is just a 50% of the total vote, as the organization will have the last word, with their 50%, of which teams go and which do not.

The results can be found below:


SK Gaming 331675

fnatic 328596

Natus Vincere 322516

x6tence 172576

mousesports 167363

Lions 164550

mTw 161951

Power Gaming 116316

alchemists 98859

Moscow Five 76676 75220

Millenium 70107

Alternate 65099

TCM-Gaming 64807

DTS 64739

KerchNET 64079

Electronic Sahara 63602


TyLoo 307946

project_kr 307927

wNv 156291

UMX 141418

TitaNs 125865

k23 124524

eSrael 97068

XCN 47572


Evil Geniuses 230104

Wild Ineters 184759

UMX 182638

FireGamers 153873

iDemise 97551

Artyk 57231

punto.cL 39173

Area51 36092

For anyone wondering, the Polish guys from FX are already classified for the tournament, as they are the reigning champions from last year edition.

e-Stars Seoul 2011 will run from August 19 through to the 21st of the same month, and will feature a total of 16 teams, fighting for a piece of the €47,000 cake, stay tuned as we will bring you all the information regarding the event.