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Gamereplays Invitational

After a great performance at Dreamhack Summer 2011 in Sweden, where our guys managed to take the 2nd place, the guys are ready for more, and will this Sunday, at 17:00 CET face the ex-SK, in a clash of titans, to decide who will make it to the  semifinals.

The match will be played in a BO3, and in case of winning, our guys will have to play against the Canadians from [DWi]Deal With It.

The prizes for this event are as follows:

1st place: $1,400 + 2200 Gold Coins + 5x SteelSeries Siberia v2 Headsets

2nd place: $700 + 1200 Gold Coins + 5x SteelSeries 4H Headsets

3rd place: $400 + 600 Gold Coins + 5x SteelSeries 3H Headsets