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In what can be considered as a surprise, 2 teams from the United Arab Emirated will be making the trip to Bilbao, Spain next month, in order to participate at the 22,500 Euros tournament.

Its not too often that we get to see teams from the UAE at international events, and  this will prove a good opportunity for them to show the Euros some Middle East style.

The 2 teams to travel all the way to Europe will be Impulse, who recently won the Benq Qe Club Tournament held in Dubai,  and Gameholics.


Hesham “whMsy” Hassan

Yaseen “We_We” Abu Ghneim

Abdullah “t0ks” Al-Ghafari

Saif “Smash3r” Al-Kubaisi

Zeyad “jap” Mandour

In case you are wondering where Alex “al00X” Lombard is, it is said that he has decided to go back to home sweet home in the UK, so therefore, won’t be featured in the team.

Gameholics have:

Abdalla “TEKA” Al Nekhailawi

Ahmad “f0rever” Al-Banna

Salah “Ace” Al Balooshi

Abdalla “viGor” Al-Marzoogi

Ibrahim “sNickeR” Al-Muaini

With this 2 teams, the GameGune list shows 3 teams confirmed in attendance, as NaVi had already been confirmed for the event. It is expected that Fnatic will attend as well, as we have seen cArn posting to NaVi members on Twitter in regards to the event. Ones who will not be featured in the list will be Mousesports, as they have confirmed they will not attend, even though they have done so in past years.