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Dreamhack Winter 2013

Important Information

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[CS:GO] DHW13 BYOC Qualifier

[CSGO] DHW13 day 2


Reason Gaming Content

DreamHack CS:GO & HoN information
[CSGO]PreLAN SMF Interview
DHW13 Good LAN Bad LAN
[CSGO] news about our team winning BYOC Qualifier
[CSGO] news about match 1 against Astana Dragons
[CSGO] news about our team ripping apart SK Gaming
[CSGo] news about match 2 against Astana Dragons

Video Content

[HoN] RG vs Law 
[Hon] RG vs LION 
[HoN] RG vs tmsR
[HoN]  RG vs zhit.BYOC 
[HoN] interview with Buch
[CSGO] RG vs Astana Dragons -match2-
[CSGO] Interview with LOMME by


Prize Pool

Total Teams 16 [+29 BYOC]Total $ 250.000
1. $100.000
2. $50.000
3/4. $22.000
5/8. $10.000 
9/16. $2000 

Heroes of Newerth [HoN]Total Teams –
Total $ 30.000
1. $10,724.90
2.   $ 5,362.45
3/4  $ 3,830.32 
5/6 $3,064.26 


Day One Updates

  • [HoN] First game vs The Law
  • [HoN] Reason wins against The Law
  • [HoN] Shortly after they play tmsR
  • [HoN] Reason Gaming plays amazingly, unfortunately they lose their game against tsmR
  • [HoN] Final game for day1 against Lions. Saintrox forgets to ban Ophelia, and Lions wins swiftly
  • [HoN] The team morale is still high in Reason Gaming, overall a fun day 
  • [CSGO] During the morning our CS:GO team arrives at DreamHack Winter 2013 in Jönköping, Sweden
  • [CSGO] The players take their seats and visit the location
  • [CSGO] Due to server issues the BYOC is delayed for almost 3 hours
  • [CSGO] The DreamHack BYOC qualifier finally starts, Reason is one of the favourites and seeded in Group G
  • [CSGO] Other notable teams are: Xapso, mousesports, Nostalgie, and Vox Eminor
  • [CSGO] In our group are three Swedish teams which are not so well known
  • [CSGO] Reasons wins their first match against “Retarded Penguinz” with 16:0
  • [CSGO] The Danes win their second match against “Team prodopp” with 16:2
  • [CSGO] They also win their third match against “POA” with 16:3 and place first of group G
  • [CSGO] Finally the team advances to the playoff brackets and will face in the Ro32
  • [CSGO] Reason wins 16:08 against and advance to the semi-finals
  • [CSGO] The team faces “EQUALS” and wins with 16:8
  • [CSGO] The team is getting ready for the final match, which will decide if they advance to the main tournament
  • [CSGO] We face “Nostalgie” with star-players like “hooch”, “GuardiaN”, and “Edward” in the BYOC finals
  • [CSGO] Our Danes win with 16:09 and qualify for the DHWinter2013 main tournament in CS:GO
  • [CSGO] A fix placement sets our team to group D, alongside “Astana Dragons”, “SK Gaming”, and “Copenhagen Wolves”
  • [CSGO] Due to the delay the BYOC qualifier ends at 3:00 a.m. and our players get to their hotel to get some sleep

Day Two Updates

  • [CSGO] Our Danes luckily got the later groupstage and were able to get some sleep
  • [CSGO] The team arrives at the location again and will play against “Astana Dragons” at 15:15 CET
  • [CSGO] In the first match of the group our team lost against “Astana Dragons” on de_inferno with 11:16
  • [CSGO] The team steps down to the lower bracket and faces “SK Gaming”
  • [CSGO] Our team shows an incredible strong performance against SK and wins with 16:3 on de_inferno
  • [CSGO] In the decider match for the playoffs, our Danes face “Astana Dragons” again
  • [CSGO] The winner of this match will advance into the playoffs of the main tournament
  • [CSGO] Surprisingly de_nuke is voted as the map
  • [CSGO] Reason starts with a really strong CT side and wins the first half with 11:4
  • [CSGO] Our Danes get really confident and already have an eye on the playoffs
  • [CSGO] “Astana Dragons” start a huge comeback and win against Reason with 16:13 on de_nuke
  • [CSGO] Our Danes loose the decider match and are out of the tournament
  • [CSGO] The team watches the next games as viewers and has time to visit the whole event
  • [CSGO] Finally the team is heading back to Denmark