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Reason Gaming CS:GO made it to the Dreamhack Winter 2013 main tournament!

Finally we found our way through the BYOC Qualifier, beating teams like and Nostalgie and will now take part in the most anticipated CS:GO offline tournament of the year 2013.

Tournament information:

Our Danes are placed in group D of the main tournament and will face the Ukranian powerhouse Astana Dragons today at 14:30 CET in their first round.

Besides Astana Dragons, SK Gaming and Copenhagen Wolves are also placed in our group.


Group D:
[R]eason Gaming – Astana Dragons – SK Gaming – Copenhagen Wolves

14:30 CET – Group D – [R]eason vs. Astana Dragons [11:16 loss] & SK Gaming vs. Copenhagen Wolves [11:16]15:30 CET – Group D – [R]eason vs. SK Gaming [16:03 win] & Astana Dragons vs. Copenhagen Wolves [07:16]16:30 CET – Group D – [R]eason vs. Astana Dragons [13:16 loss]
19:00 CET – Quarter Final – Match 3 – BO3
22:15 CET – Quarter Final – Match 4 – BO3

Broadcast: (English 1) (English 2)

Updates / Results:
16:00 – We lost our first match vs. Astana Dragons with 11:16. Nice game anyway! SK or CW will be next.
16:20 – Next match will be against SK Gaming at 16:30 CET!
17:10 – What a game! We won with 16:03 against SK Gaming! Next match will decide if we advance to playoffs!
18:30 – After a good start and a 11:04 on CT side we were not able to take the game. We finally lost against Astana 13:16. So we finish the tournament with a 9th-16th place. Anyway the team showed a great performance and we will be back even bigger!

[R]eason Gaming CS:GO finishing 9th-16th place and win $2,000.

Interview by VaKarM with our CS:GO player Frederik ‘LOMME’ Nielsen after the match against AD:

News at concerning our team: