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Besides our CS:GO team, also our brand-new Heroes of Newerth team will participate in Dreamhack Winter 2013. Our Nordic mix already qualified for the main tournament in an online qualifier.

Ranked at the 9th place in famous world-ranking, the team will try to approve their recent performances, to become the heroes of Jönköping. Kick-off will be at 12:30 CET today, with the finals being played on Saturday at 16:00 CET.

Set in group B, they will try to win the battle for $30,000 prize-money, facing teams like Lions eSportsklubb and tmsr gaming in their group.


sG.Hon Reason.HoN
MiTH.s2y tmsr
dnL Law
BYOC-Quali BYOC-Quali
iG.HoN Lion eSports

The schedule for today, the 28th, can be found below:

13:45 Reason vs The Law
15:00 Reason vs Lions
17:30 Reason vs TMS
13:30 Reason vs SH.BYOC

The following day Reason will play the 2nd team from the BYOC qualifier at 12:30. 



Results / Updates:

13:45 Reason vs The Law 1:0
15:00 Reason vs Lions 0:1
17:30 Reason vs TMS 0:1
13:30 Reason vs SH.BYOC 0:1

19:00 – With 1-2 we need to win against the BYOC team at 12:30 CET tomorrow, to make it to the playoffs. GoGo [R]

Interview with our HoN player Frederik ‘Buch’ Buch:

Friday 14:00 – Lost our last match of groupstage against SH.BYOC. Unfortunately [R]eason.HoN wont make it to the playoffs.