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Today our Danish Counter-Strike Global offensive team packed up and made way for Sweden in order to compete in their prestigious CS:GO tournament. The event boasts a $250,000 total prize pool, however, it isn’t as straight forward as just stepping in to play. Our team will first have to fight their way through the BYOC qualifiers after falling just a hair’s breadth short of qualification just a few days ago.

With the qualifiers starting tomorrow, we caught up with one of our players, Danni “smF” Dyg, for a few words regarding Dreamhack Winter.

What does it feel like to be a part of Reason Gaming, knowing the history behind the organisation within the Danish Scene?

Reason gaming has always been a big name within counter strike community, at least the CS:S part of it! So that’s 50% less pressure ;D! The last team Reason had was kev1n, glav1e, Hunden, jokern and frozt; big names in CS:S, but I believe we can be just as good… or even better!

During the DHW qualifiers, you played a number of teams, such as K1CK and fm-eSports. Were you expecting to overcome them so easily?

The match between us and K1ck was pretty chilled overall. Ii think we had a pretty good overview of how they play and how we should play against them, combined with us hitting our shots. FM Toxic is another story though. We started as CT on nuke, and won first half pretty easily, we are talking like 12 – 3 or something. After that I think we all had the mind-set that it should be a walk in the park to get the last 4 rounds, but no, they had such a good CT half, like us, but we came out on top and that is what it’s all about!

Unfortunately, you missed the qualification for the tournament in a tense BO3 against LGB eSports. Can you tell us the thoughts going through your head after you lost the match?

Yeah, I would call that the most painful game of the month… The first map inferno was pretty close, but I think we came out on top because of our individual performances. The second map was dust2, and that was probably the worst! We started CT and had a great half but then hell started on T site, where every strat, fake, peak we tried just went wrong! Individual calls failed, anti eco lost, you name it! The dust2 strategies that we’ve used for the past couple of days have fixed those problems, so it won’t happen again. The 3rd map was train, a map we had not looked so much into, so our options were limited and they were just simply better at that map than us. This has now been rectified! 

You’ve a number of teams to overcome in the BYOC qualifiers to grab one of the two remaining spots. How confident are you going in to the qualifier?

I am not really sure who’s going to the BYOC qualifier, but if I know my team right, then we step up on LAN. We should be going through, everything else would be disappointing to us, it’s as simple as that.

If you make it in to the tournament, which you guys should, which three teams are you most looking forward to facing, and why?

I think that I talk for my whole team right now when I say we would like to face LGB again, they shouldn’t have won that qualifier, we would like to show them who’s b0$$! Second on my list would be IBUYPOWER, a team I think we should beat every time. I’ve personally watched some of their games and they don’t look so scary. The last team I would like to meet is Recursive, kennyS and co, they have been pretty snobbish in practice, so I would love to shut them up!

Is there anyone you don’t want to face?

3 teams I DON’T want to meet would be: Astana dragons, VeryGames and NiP. Those 3 teams have just been on another level, higher than every other team in the CS:GO community.

The final words are yours.

I would love to thank Reason for the support for DH and the beautiful name! ;D My teammates for sticking together after some pretty sick individual offers, and declining them, and of course our team manager Sonny who has been a great help with everything! CU AT DH.


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