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Starting tomorrow, the 28th of November, Dreamhack Winter in Jönköping, Sweden will be underway, and Reason Gaming will have a presence there. Dreamhack is known to be the largest LAN event not only in Europe, but worldwide. It plays host to upwards of 8,000 BYOC attendees, as well as numerous more spectators, exhibitors and enthusiasts. This time around, they are expecting up to 250,000 overall visitors to the event.

For our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, the journey started with the DHW qualifiers that were held just last week. This event offered qualification spots to the top two placing teams, out of a total 256 team bracket. Our Danish squad made it all the way through to the top four before falling foul to LGB eSports 2-1. This therefore means that our CS:GO team will be aiming to qualify for the event through the LAN BYOC qualifier. This qualifier gives two of sixty-four teams the chance to make it in to the main tournament, and therefore eligible to compete for the $250,000 prize pool.

CS:GO is not the only game that will see the Reason name compete, as it has recently been announced that we are to support a Heroes of Newerth team, who will be competing in the events $30,000 tournament – only a fraction of the CS:GO prize, but still a significant prize none the less. This prize will be distributed amongst the top six teams, a position that we hope to fall in to. With 16 teams competing, and a number of ringers in our lineup, it will be interesting to see just how our Heroes of Newerth team fair.

Over the course of the weekend, our staff will be bringing live updates of the tournaments as and when they happen, so ensure you keep your eyes on our twitter, facebook and website for continuous updates. Any streams, match updates or results will be communicated via the appropriate means.

Finally, we wish the best of luck to our opponents, both of our teams, and anyone that falls in their path.