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Today at 15:00 CET the CS:GO BYOC-Qualifier at DH Winter 2013 will start and our Counter-strike: Global Offensive team will be part of it. After just barely missing the chance to qualify online last week, they now have to perform at the offline event, to get one out of two spots for the main tournament.

With teams like mousesports, Nostalgie, Xapso, and Vox Eminor also signed up, the qualification won’t be a marching-through. Anyway, our Danes trained hard in the last days and already showed some great performances against well-known teams in the scene. They are willing to give their best to make it to the main-tournament and the battle for $250,000.

„We should be going through, everything else would be disappointing to us, it’s as simple as that.“

Statement Danni ‘smF’ Dyg; [R]eason Gaming CS:GO player

Schedule BYOC Qualifier [Thursday, November 28th]:


15:30 Registration Deadline  
17:00 Group stage vs. Retarded Penguinz 16:0 win
18:00 Group stage vs. Team prodopp 16:2 win
19:00 Group stage vs. POA  win
20:00 Round of 16 vs. 16:8 win
21:00 Round of 8 vs. EQUALS 16:8 win
22:00 Round of 4 vs. Nostalgie 16:9 win
23:00 Finals  

Results / Updates:

Reason CS:GO is placed in group G against some Swedish teams. First match will start at 17:00 CET.

Group G
[R]eason Gaming – Retarded Penguinz – Team prodopp- POA

18:00 – Due to server issues the BYOC qualifier is delayed. Will be a long night for our Danes though.
20:15 – After 3 hours delay our first match against “Retarded Penguinz” started at 19:50. Result: 16:0 win for [R]!
21:00 – Won our second match of groupstage against “Team prodopp” with 16:02!
22:00 – After winning against “POA”, we now will proceed to Round of 32!
22:45 – Brackets are up. We will face in the Round of 32!

-> brackets from round of 32:

23:30 – A 16:08 win against brings us to the Ro16 facing “EQUALS”!
00:30 – We won our match against “EQUALS” with 16:08. If we win our next match we will be qualified for the main tournament!
01:45 – Semifinal against Nostalgie is live! Winner will qualify for the main tournament!

broadcast semifinal:

02:30 – We dit it! With a 16:09 against Nostalgie we qualify for the DH Winter 2013 Main Tournament! See you tomorrow folks!