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We are sad to announce that we have had to make a change to our H1Z1 King of the Kill roster which was announced at the beginning of the month. It is always a shame to make changes so early but, in this case, it was unavoidable. Due to circumstances in his personal life, Jaimy ”jaimyistheman” van Dijk had to be replaced from the roster.

The remaining members of the team took their time trailing players before choosing Richard “GoldenDuke” Crawford as Jaimy’s replacement. From very early on in his trial, the team were convinced her was the perfect fit for the attitude of the team, and their playstyle.

While Jaimy is leaving the team, he will still be sticking around as part of the Reason Gaming stream team, so make sure to check him on on Twitch.

As for our latest addition, Richard, he doesn’t stream yet, but you can follow him and all his doings on Twitter.