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After the massive version 4.0 update to Heroes of Newerth at the start of the year, it looked like the worldwide competitive scene was being axed. No new season of HoNTour was mentioned and there was blind panic filling the scene after such an impressive and game-changing patch, until the start of this month when the HoN Tour Open – World Finals Qualifiers was announced.  This tournament is an 8 team best of three double elimination bracket with the finals taking place at a live event in Bankok, Thailand at the start of April.

Our veteran players ArchiTigeR and TiMe2DiE pulled together a team for the first qualifier and were one game away from qualifying before falling short against Druidz. Come the second qualifier, things didn’t quite come together and we failed to put up a full roster. ArchiTigeR took this opportunity to join a team that fell short in the first qualifier at the same stage as us. With this new lineup they claimed one of the final four tournament spots, beating DooMBringers 2-1, moving on to the next stage of the World Finals Qualifiers.

After qualifying, ArchiTigeR talked with the team and it wasn’t long before they agreed to join Reason Gaming for the World Finals Qualifiers.

It is no secret that I am a massive lover of Heroes of Newerth, and its competitive scene, and I am excited to continue to support it. This new roster has a collection of new and old faces and can’t wait to see them in action. Welcome to the new Reason Gaming Heroes of Newerth roster: